Outdoor Game

Orientation – Escape Room – Gimcana

Imagina Girona is proud to present a new activity to play here in our beautiful and mystical city! The Outdoor Game! Ideal for large groups, it is a mix of escape room, gymkhana and orienteering, where you have to explore the labyrinth of streets in the Old Town of Girona to find as many clues and solve as many puzzles as possible in 90 minutes!

It is great for people from Girona as well as those here visiting us. For the Gironins, you will find new and interesting things that you have never noticed and as for the tourists, you will make a route through the Old Town where you will discover corners of Girona beyond those that are published in the guides!

You will have to think carefully about your tactics, and keep your eyes opens: every small detail might be what you are looking for!

Are you still not sure? Watch this video a player made, its 🔥🔥🔥

Groups of 4 – 8 people: 40€ in total (from 5,00€ per person)
Groups of 9 – 12 people: 55€ in total (from 4,58€ per person)
Groups of 13 – 16 people: 70€ in total (from 4,38€ per person)
For reservations of 17+ people, contact us!

1.5 hours of playing, plus a little while before and after the game.

± 4km

What to bring:
Comfortable shoes, a coat if its cold and sunscreen if not! On hot days we recommend bringing a bottle of water.

Meeting point:
Plaça de l’Hospital (in front of the Casa de Cultura). Girona, 17002.

If you want to play during the week, send us an email with the number of players you will be, and the time and day that you wiah to play. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Pay a deposit of 15,00 per item

Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

For any additional information you can email us at hola@imaginagirona.com or call/whatsapp us at 623188618.

Do you need specific knowledge before playing the game?

No! Escape Rooms are generally more about using logic or deduction than prior knowledge or experience. Regardless of your age or tastes, we are sure you will have a great time in our city!

Can I make a reservation for two people and then attend with more?

Yes, if you’re not sure how many people will attend, or if you make some friends along the way, no problem! Remember that our rate is fixed per group of 2 to 4 people, if you are more than 4 you will have to do more than one group, and pay for each group.

Is it difficult?

Of course, we will not make it easy, this is an escape room! We have designed an attractive game for both first-time visitors and expert escapists! But the most important thing for us is for everyone to have fun, so don’t worry!

In what languages can we play?

Our game is available in Catalan, Spanish and English

What is the minimum age for children?

We recommend this activity for adults and children over the age of 10 due to the need to walk for up to 2 hours. We will be releasing a “kids” version soon, and if you want to receive a notification of its opening and a 25% discount leave your email in the section below!

Can companies play?

Escape rooms have long been considered a great team work activity for businesses! Team members will have the opportunity to work within their group, act under their team leader, and explore the game for themselves; a playful and immersive experience is offered to discover the strengths and weaknesses of a team in a fun setting.

With this activity we can accept groups of up to 200 people at a time.

Can schools play?

Yes, in fact it is a great activity for schools! We have already worked with many schools, in Girona and abroad. To inquire about availability and pricing, email us at hola@imaginagirona.com or call us at 623188618.

What if there's more than 4 of us?

If there’s more than 4 of you, you’ll have to do create more than one team, but don’t worry, you can play together at the same time simply in competition mode! Let’s find out who the winning team will be!

What happens if it rains?

In the event of rain, we will be happy to reschedule your game for another day. We can’t refund any bookings, but we’ll be as flexible and accommodating as possible when it comes to finding a new date!

Can we come with our dog?

Of course! The entire game is outdoors, and dogs are more than welcome 🙂