Gift Card

Give a special gift this Christmas!

If you’re looking for a gift, don’t get the typical boring and no personality gift!

We will email you a personalized gift voucher, so you can print it and deliver it to the lucky one.

Surprise your family and friends with an original and uncomplicated gift!

The Black Forest

In this latest generation escape room, full of surprises, you will enter into a very special jungle, the Black Forest! A place with a very unique animals…

You will have to use your other senses to replace what you will miss: the sight! An immersive and sensory experience that will make you live an escape room in a way you have never experienced before, completely in the dark.

Virtual Reality

Do you want to try new experiences? In Imagina we have 2 sets of the most powerful Virtual Reality headsets that currently exist: the HTC Vive Pro!

Shoot zombies that are about to eat you, feel the vertigo of walking across a plank above a skyscraper, or live the sensation of an extreme roller coaster! You have all of these experiences and many more waiting for you at Imagina Girona!

Our centre of Virtual Reality is ideal for couples, families, friends, first dates and celebrations!

We offer three different durations: 30 minutes for €24, 60 minutes for €40, o 90 minutes for €54. The gift certificate is for the use of both of the virtual reality systems we have, so it is perfect for 2 people or up to 4 dividing the time between the players.