Try Virtual Reality!

Do you want to try new experiences? At Imagina we have 4 sets of the most powerful Virtual Reality headsets that currently exist: the HTC Vive Pro!

Shoot zombies that are about to eat you, feel the vertigo of walking across a plank above a skyscraper, or live the sensation of an extreme roller coaster! You have all of these experiences and many more waiting for you at Imagina Girona! The experience is extremely real and unique!

Our centre of VR is ideal! Come and enjoy the virtual world in couples, family, with friends or with your work colleagues!

60 minutes


Price per console

Ideal to discover Virtual Reality

Possibility to enjoy 3 or 4 VR experiencies

Single and multi-player games

You will find a FAQ list at the end of the page to address any doubts you may have.

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Reservations available every day (holidays included). If you want to make a reservation for the same day, send us a message on whatsapp via this link and we will respond as soon as possible!

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Pay a deposit of 20,00 per item

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can play?

We have 4 sets of VR, which means that up to 4 people can play simultaneously, whether they are different games, or the same game played together.

That said, we do accept groups of up to 8 people sharing the headsets: each game lasts around 10-15 minutes, so we can change the players between each game (plus, it is very funny to watch your friends and family play!).

What's included in my reservation?

All of the prices include the following:

Use of four complete sets of HTC Vive Pro, which consist of 5 pieces each: the Virtual Reality headset, two wireless controllers, and two infrared base station to capture and track movement in 360º.

Access to our entire library, whith more than 100 games and experiences.

Assistance from our staff: explanation of the correct use of the equipment, resolution of any doubts and personalised recommendations of games.

With the headset put on, is there any risk of hitting furniture, walls or other people?

No, the HTC Vive Pro projects a virtual wall which you can always see from within the headset, this allows you to avoid getting too close to any real life walls! In any case, our staff are always attent to your game, to ensure complete safety during your experience.

How can I reserve? Can I come without a prior reservation?

You can reserve online or by calling us at 623188618. We open solely under previous reservation, if you come to our shop without a reservation, it is possible you will find it closed or with another group already playing!

Is it necessary to be punctual?

Yes. You must come at least 5 minutes before the time that you have reserved, to allow us to give you a quick introduction of the headset, controllers and of the games that we offer. If you arrrive late we may have to reduce the time you have available to play, to allow for the next group to start on time.

I have never played video games and I don't think I like them. Is Virtual Reality suitable for me?

Yes! Apart from games, we have many different experiences both purely visual and interactive apt for every type of public.

How old must children be to play? Is it recommended for elders?

We recommend that players are at least 8 years old, but the minimum age is 6.

There is no maximum age, as you can see in this video: Virtual reality is for all ages!

Who can't play Virtual Reality? Can pregnant women play?

The virtual reality is unfortunately not accessible for people with epilepsy or heart problems. That said, we don’t recommend the experience for people with anxiety disorders, vertigo or claustrophobia. Pregnant women can play games and experiences that don’t involve scares or have any risk of falling.

It is totally prohibited to play under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or with a violent attitude.

Can I get sick?

No. It is true that there are other headsets of Virtual Reality (such as the PlayStation VR) which can give some people nausea, but the HTC Vive Pro (which are the high quality headsets we use) do not give anyone nausea. There are certain experiences, such as the rollercoaster, which can give such some degree of dizziness, but it is part of the experience, rather than an effect of the headset.

Can people in wheelchairs or reduced mobility play?

Yes! Our premises is completely adapted for people with reduced mobility, as are our bathrooms. This way everyone can enjoy our experiences!

Can I buy a gift voucher for this experience?

Yes, you can buy a gift voucher here: Gift Voucher Virtual Reality.