Virtual Escape Rooms

You’ve probably played a real-life escape room, but have you ever tried a virtual escape room? It takes you into a parallel reality where you can do things you could never imagine doing in real life! 60 minutes of excitement through the most powerful virtual reality available on the market!

To reserve, you must book a virtual reality session, and on the last page leave us a note saying which virtual escape you want to play!



What if we could change the past or witness the events that transformed the world? Is it possible to change destiny?

Travel back in 1986 and find out if you can handle a seemingly inevitable situation. What happened the night of the incident? What happened afterwards? Find the answers to the questions that are still unresolved today.

The ghost town of Chernobyl can tell you its story.

• 2 – 4 players. • 60 minute experience. • Difficulty: medium-high.



We are at the beginning of the 22nd century. Society has fallen in the face of rapid technological progress, people are modifying their bodies to unforeseen levels, and large companies are fighting to obtain more data: the product that has become the most valuable thing in the world.

Your group, made up of androids with special abilities, has decided to steal some secret data from the files of a very powerful company. After you have infiltrated the complex and gone unnoticed, you need to get to the files and download the dynamic memory.

But it will not be easy and you have to be very careful!

• 2 – 4 players. • 60 minute experience. • Difficulty: medium.


Signal Lost

The secret research station, called “Asgard”, orbits the Earth, but has suddenly lost contact. Electromagnetic waves were recorded, after which the station started free-falling…

There is only an hour before the station enters the Earth’s atmosphere! The fall of this gigantic station to the surface of the planet could cause great damage to humanity. The goal of your team is to reactivate the OS to correct the orbital movement. What does this seemingly lifeless station hide? Where is its crew? It is up to you to find answers or die in the greatest disaster in human history.

• 2 – 4 players. • 60 minute experience. • Difficulty: medium-high.


Mission Sigma

The secret services have located and neutralized a well-known terrorist who has been hiding for the last ten years in a very populated area of the city. Unfortunately, he had time to prepare one last attack. On the roof of a skyscraper, he has installed a nuclear missile with a timer. It will not be easy to access: the building itself has become a tower full of complex traps and obstacles.

They have recommended your services as a specialist in such traps, and the secret service has helped you to infiltrate the building. The rest depends on you. Can you disarm the nuclear bomb?

• 2 – 4 players. • 60 minute experience. • Difficulty: medium-low.