Escape Room

If you’re one of those people watching gameshows on TV from the sofa and thinking, “We could do so much better!” Perfect, The Big Show will give you the opportunity to prove it!

The Big Show is a new concept in Girona that mixes the classic elements of the escape room with immersive theater and entertainment, with large doses of humor and mystery.

Do you dare to try? Camera, lights… Action!


We have two versions: adult, and family (for groups with children under 14).

More doubts? You will find a FAQ list at the end of the page to address any questions you may have.


4 players: 20,00€ p/p
5 players: 19,00€ p/p
6 players: 18,00€ p/p
7 players: 17,00€ p/p
8 players: 16,00€ p/p

Reservations available every day (holidays included). If you want to make a reservation for the same day, send us a message on whatsapp via this link and we will respond as soon as possible!

Pay a deposit of 20,00 per item

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can play?

The minimum is 4 people, and the maximum is 8. If you are a larger group, you can reserve two difference activities to play at the same time (The Black Forest escape room is for groups of up to 5 people, and the Virtual Reality is apt for groups of up to 8 people), or you can reserve two consecutive sessions of The Big Show!

What is the price?

4 players: 20,00€ p/p (80,00€ in total).
5 players: 19,00€ p/p (95,00€ in total).
6 players: 18,00€ p/p (108,00€ in total).
7 players: 17,00€ p/p (119,00€ in total).
8 players: 16,00€ p/p (128,00€ in total).

How can I reserve? Can I come without a prior reservation?

You can reserve online or by calling us at 623188618. We open solely under previous reservation, if you come to our shop without a reservation, it is possible you will find it closed or with another group already playing!

Is it suitable for hen/stag parties?

Of course! It is a fun and dynamic game, perfect for large groups that want to have a good time full of laughs!

Can I buy a gift voucher for this experience?

Yes, you can buy a gift voucher here: Gift Voucher The Big Show.

How old must children be to play? Is it recommended for elders?

The recommended age is 12+ years old, and the minimum age is 10. Groups of children aged 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Can pregnant women play?

There are some physical challenges in the game, but other players on your team can do them. It’s not a game of fear or scare, don’t worry!

Do we have to arrive on time?

Yes. You must arrive 5 minutes before the time that you have reserved.

How long is the game?

The game is one hour long, but with the introduction and everything, the whole experience is around 1 hour and 10 minutes.

I don't understand the description, can you explain what the game consists of? Is it an escape room?

Yes! It is an escape room with classic elements (different rooms, puzzles, padlocks, decoration) but it also contains elements of interactive theatre: you will find yourselves with an actor who will help you participate and compete in hilarious challenges! It is an escape room in which you must think, but the main objective is to laugh and have a good time!