Sanitary measures

Imagina Girona follows all of the recommendations and preventatives measures as advised by the health department.

After talking with the health department and various other entities, we have determined that our activity does not carry any risk of contagion, due to the reduced group sizes and pre-established relationships within each group. That is to say, in coming to Imagina you will play with your friends, family, or coworkers, and at no point will you come into contact with any strangers. Below is a list of the measures we are taking to ensure the safety of our clients and staff:

  • – We are following strict cleaning protocols: ensuring a full disinfection with high quality virucide, ventilation of the entire local twice a day, and a careful cleaning of every game object between groups.
  • – We have reduced the hours available to book, to ensure that groups will not coincide with one another.
  • – Everyone will have to clean their hands with an alcohol based disinfectant upon entering and leaving the local, to reduce possible sources of contagion.
  • – In accordance with the recommendations of the health department, we will not be using gloves but instead maintaining a very regular schedule of hand cleaning, however gloves will be available to anyone who desires them.
  • We require that all players wear masks during their entire experience here at Imagina, and anyone who does not have a mask will be required to buy one (at cost price) before commencing the activity.
  • We have provided a bin with a pedal action to throw away all gloves and other materials of single use..

Thank you for your understanding, see you soon!